Cooking with Beef Jerky: Delicious Dish Ideas

Posted at 8/18/17 9:08 AM by Paul Lyons in News

Cooking with Beef Jerky:  Delicious Dish Ideas

Cooking up delicious and tasty dishes with beef jerky isn’t a new idea. In the days before refrigeration, the only available meat was often cured, dried or smoked for preservation. Nowadays, beef jerky in a variety of flavors is usually considered a snack or a trail food. Beef Jerky Outlet, with over 100 varieties, is an authentic pacesetter in the realm of tasty meat snacks. But it should come as no surprise that Beef Jerky Outlet’s premium beef, turkey and wild game can be prepared as savory main dishes. The web is replete with mouthwatering recipes featuring beef jerky as the main course.

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Why We Love Beef: The Flavor Secret of Beef Jerky Outlet Prime Rib Jerky

Posted at 8/11/17 9:28 AM by Paul Lyons in News

Beef Jerky Outlet “Chophouse Style” Prime Rib Beef Jerky is a runaway best seller. Jerky aficionados pluck this flavor off the racks almost as fast as we can restock. There must be a reason why this particular “beef critter” leads the checkout stampede. Well, I believe there is, and it’s a little bit of an oriental mystery with the solution on the tip of your tongue.

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Pack a Healthy Back to School Lunch: Why Kids Need Protein

Posted at 8/4/17 9:19 AM by Paul Lyons in News

When you pack a school lunch, make sure it’s packed with “brain food.” According to Psychology Today, eating protein in the middle of the day keeps you more alert through the afternoon. Brain cells communicate with one another via chemical messengers called neurotransmitters, which are usually made of amino acids, the building blocks of protein. A healthy dose of protein isn’t just about building muscle, it’s about brain power. A protein-packed lunch snack might be the critical edge for that afternoon algebra or pre-calculus class.

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Summertime is Road Trip Time!

Posted at 7/28/17 12:53 PM by Paul Lyons in News

Summertime is Road Trip time! Late July and early August are that special seasonal interlude known as “high summer.” This is the time of year when we take to the road to visit new destinations or return to favorite old venues. Beef Jerky Outlet stores have a special niche in road trip and vacation planning. A visit to your local Beef Jerky Outlet is a road trip itself, with a FREE SAMPLE tasting journey through over 100 varieties of jerky and dozens of other tasty snack foods. All you need do is drop in at your local Beef Jerky Outlet and take a tour around the flavor stations. Now that might be the best “road trip” you could take this summer!

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Healthy Snacking for National Nutrition Month

Posted at 3/2/17 8:34 AM by Beef Jerky Outlet in News

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has established March as National Nutrition Month. The goals of this month are to raise awareness about nutrition in general and help people return to the basics of healthy eating. This includes snack time! After all, every morsel we enjoy – whether during mealtime or not – contributes to our overall good health and nutrition.  

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Dream Up Your Own Random Act of Kindness

Posted at 2/20/17 4:49 PM by Beef Jerky Outlet in News

On Friday, February 17, Beef Jerky Outlet locations across the country celebrated National Random Acts of Kindness Day by donating hundreds of dollars of jerky to their local police stations. Beef Jerky Outlet is proud to support local heroes and was excited to give back to officers in appreciation for their service. All the fun was streamed live on Facebook, so be sure to take a peek!

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Fall In Love with Jerky

Posted at 2/13/17 4:50 PM by Beef Jerky Outlet in News

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, love is on everyone’s mind. For those in a relationship, jerky makes a perfect gift for your better half. For those without someone special, never fear! This Valentine’s Day, we invite you to fall in love with beef jerky. With so many great qualities, it's a snack that's bound to win your heart today and all year long. Consider its: 

Great Taste

You're sure to fall in love with jerky based simply on its great taste. With so many flavors, there is an option that everyone will crave. Prime Rib beef jerky is a classic taste that pleases any palate. Searching for something spicier? Give The Reaper jerky a try. Made with the hottest pepper on earth, this love interest has bite! How about a sweeter taste? Perhaps the Honey Barbeque Smoked Beef would be more to your liking. With so many unique flavors, you're certain to find something delicious that will make you smile!

Low in Carbs

Another reason to love beef jerky is that it is low in carbs. A low carb diet is proven to reduce appetite. Reduced appetite means less snacking which can help you reach your weight loss goals. Whether your goal is to drop pounds or maintain your current weight, you'll love having jerky as a snacking alternative.

High in Protein

Beef jerky is also high in protein, which means it is the perfect snack to keep you fueled throughout the day. Because jerky can pack as much as ten grams of protein into each serving, it is the perfect grab-and-go snack. This Valentine's Day, protect yourself and your love from falling victim to the mid-day slump by offering beef jerky as a treat! You'll love the way beef jerky helps you power through and keeps your stomach satisfied at the same time.

Ready to Eat

Jerky is a perfect snack because it doesn’t require any preparation. Simply grab your bag and you’re ready to go! Who wouldn't love that? With no time spent cooking or cleaning up, you gain more time to enjoy the people and activities that you truly love.

This Valentine’s Day, take a chance on beef jerky instead of turning to traditional chocolates and flowers! With flavors to delight every tastebud and extra health benefits too, everyone is liable to fall in love with beef jerky this year. 

Treat Your Sweet with Beef Jerky

Posted at 2/8/17 9:48 AM by Beef Jerky Outlet in News

Beef Jerky Outlet Has Unique Treats For Your Valentine. If you struggle to find the right Valentine’s Day gift for the man in your life, you are not alone. Men are notoriously difficult to shop for! This Valentine’s Day take inspiration from the fun, alternative gifts offered at Beef Jerky Outlet. 

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Celebrate the Big Game with Festive Party Food

Posted at 1/31/17 9:22 AM by Beef Jerky Outlet in News

Whether your favorite team will be playing in it or not, the big game is a prime event to get together with friends and family, watch football, eat a ton of delicious food and scream at the refs every time you disagree with a call. With so many different dish options and only a little time before the big game, the stress of hosting a viewing party can get overwhelming. Here are some creative and delicious gameday snacks that are guaranteed to become instant party favorites!

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How Does Protein Support a Healthy Body

Posted at 1/24/17 9:52 AM by Beef Jerky Outlet in News

What is protein? If this question leaves you racking your brain to remember what your 8th grade biology teacher rambled on about, you are not alone!

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